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Cenk Özbakir

Cenk Özbakır is an award–winning Designer, Web Maker, and Programmer.

* Founder, Citationsy. Perhaps the world’s best reference management tool. Used by 350.000+ students at thousands of universities.
* Founder, Open Access search engine.
* Founder, Boook.Link. One simple link to send your readers to their preferred store.
* Head of Digital, Wheelys (Y–Combinator S15). Entire digital strategy. Increased leads by 1962% in 6 months.
* Head of Digital, NewGlue, Sweden’s premiere branding marketplace.
* Tabuh, a German iPhone word game.
* Bauhaus graduate, BFA Visual Communication
* Mosque Sans, a typeface inspired by the architecture of Mosques. It is based on the characteristics of both classic and contemporary Islamic Architecture. This does not mean that Mosque Sans is a clichéd font assembled from pieces of buildings, but rather a modern, simple sans-serif typeface whose look and feel evokes an architectural sentimentality without looking like a Mosque.
I can build your website, your digital strategy, or optimize your tech processes.
Want to build a startup or already running a startup and need some practical help for a couple weeks getting your infrastructure up and running?
Are you a design agency that needs a new freelance programmer because your old one has no eye for design and you spend more time fixing basic mistakes than designing the site in the first place?
Do you want to drive more customers to your business?
Perhaps you just need a simple site that reflects your company?
Do you want to put your writing on the web but don’t know where to start?

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