I’m Cenk Özbakır, these are some projects I’ve worked on.

You can download my cv as a pdf or view it online.

Get in touch with me directly via eMail or call me at +49176 6225 6487.

Mosque Sans

Mosque Sans ist my Bachelor’s project, a typeface inspired by the architecture of Mosques. It is based on the characteristics of both classic and contemporary Islamic Architecture. This does not mean that Mosque Sans is a clichéd font assembled from pieces of buildings, but rather a modern, simple sans-serif typeface whose look and feel evokes an architectural sentimentality without looking like a Mosque. If you didn’t know that this is how it was crafted you wouldn’t guess.

It’s not quite done yet, but you can read about it on the blog.

Bifur Vivant

An animated version of Cassandre’s Bifur typeface created entirely analog using light, cardboard and mirrors.
In collaboration with Lukas Löffler.
Shown at the Idea School in Teheran.

View on YouTube


My first iPhone game. Based on the German word game Tabu.
Built with HTML, CSS & JavaScript and then ported to iOS & Android using PhoneGap / Cordova.
It reached top 10 in it’s category in Germany.
More information and download links at tabuh.de


Corporate Identity, book layout and cover design done at Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi in 2014 for the Ayrıntı Publishing House.

Kunsthaus Apolda

Dynamic identity for the Kunsthaus Apolda.
What makes looking at a work of art in a museum better than looking at it in a book or on a computer? You can look as close as you want to, take in every detail, see even the smallest brush strokes. The identity we designed includes four posters for each exhibition, at closer and closer zoom levels. We also made four corresponding versions of the logo.
With Antonia Bellmann.

Würdige Sparbestattungen

Fully responsive website for a German funeral parlour.


Little stickers to cover your laptops webcam, made to look like the Turkish Nazar amulet.
Featured at the 2014 Bauhaus Christmas Fair.

I hope my portfolio gave you an insight into my work.
If you need more information about me personally you can download my cv as a pdf or view it online.

Get in touch with me directly via eMail or call me at +49176 6225 6487.
I am looking for work from August onwards and am willing to relocate.