I’m Cenk Özbakır. I currently work at Wheelys Café,
where I am Head of Digital.
At Wheelys I am responsible for our entire digital strategy, from server administration to frontend coding to backend projects and database administration. I increased leads by 1962% during my first 6 months.

These are some projects I have worked on:

Mosque Sans, a typeface inspired by the architecture of Mosques. It is based on the characteristics of both classic and contemporary Islamic Architecture. This does not mean that Mosque Sans is a clichéd font assembled from pieces of buildings, but rather a modern, simple sans-serif typeface whose look and feel evokes an architectural sentimentality without looking like a Mosque.

Tabuh, a German iPhone word game.

I also occasionally do client work:

Livelyrix, a website for a German poetry slam venue.

@Cenk on Twitter
@cenkdomininc on Instagram
+46 72-931 90 08